As machines become more intelligent and the industrial internet becomes a reality, fiber optic networks will increasingly become the back bone of industrial data transmission.  As the fiber optic networks of machines become more complex, the need to troubleshoot problems quickly will be essential. Whether on the assembly line or on the flight line the ability to quickly locate faults, with minimal machine disassembly, will be a critical need to reduce asset downtime to the absolute minimum.

Man directing planeKeeping aircraft flight ready 

Fiber optic networks and harnesses used in military aircraft are growing in complexity owing to the increasing need for advanced data management.  Compounding the challenge of designing these harnesses is the aircraft's form factor, which is completely subservient to it's aeronautical performance and can not be compromised to enhance maintainability.  Maintenance crews need to locate faults in fiber optic harnesses quickly, with precision, and with minimum disassembly of the asset.  Luna's OBR 4600, with it's pinpoint accuracy is the ideal solution to keep aircraft mission ready.

Train being servicedIntelligent machines all across industry

Across the industrial landscape machines are becoming more complex, relying on advanced sensors to transmit increasing amounts of data for use in asset optimization.  As the amount of data increases so to will the complexity of fiber optic networks.  Luna's family of high precision Optical Backscatter Reflectometers (OBR's) is the perfect tool for keeping sophisticated machinery moving down the production line and always available for service.

Man in front of wind turbinesThe rise of the industrial internet

With the rise of the industrial internet and the importance of big data in predicting and optimizing machine performance, fiber optics networks will feature prominently in machine to machine communication.  Luna's OBR 4600 can provide sub centimeter resolution of network faults at distances of up to 2 kilometers. The OBR 4600 is the perfect solution for troubleshooting fiber optic networks within a plants fiber optic communication network.