Terahertz Gauges Provide High Precision Measurements for Industrial Applications


Manufacturing operations around the world are deploying terahertz-based systems, such as Luna’s TeraMetrix platform, to deliver valuable real-time process measurements. Whether being used for measurement of coating thickness, the density of an adhesive foam, or controlling the extrusion of a multi-layer plastic, terahertz gauges have been demonstrated to be high precision tools with none of the health concerns associated with the currently used radioactive and X-ray gauges.

This webinar will cover a subset of potential uses for terahertz gauges, their performance and their limitations. Attendees will come away with an appreciation of the ways in which this new tool can be used to improve their process control, save on raw materials, and provide assurance of product quality, while providing a safe work environment for their employees.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding of what “terahertz” is, and how it is used in creating a high precision gauge.
  • Examples of the applications that are best suited to the use of a terahertz gauge.
  • Appreciation of the variety of sensors and measurement methods available in the TeraMetrix family of products.


Dr. Irl Duling, Director of Business Development, Lightwave Division, TeraMetrix, Luna Innovations