Optic Communications and Photonic Control

Testing Fiber Optic Networks and Assemblies



Test fiber optic assemblies and short networks faster and more accurateliy with Luna’s optical backscatter reflectometry (OBR) technology which delivers unprecedented details and resolution in the distributed measurement of loss along optical fiber.

Manufacturing Test of Fiber Optic Assemblies

Luna test systems deliver faster, more accurate testing of return loss and insertion loss, as well as spatially-resolved loss along a fiber assembly with ultra-high resolution.
Fiber optic cables

Aerospace and Avionics Fiber Optic Testing

High-resolution OBR technology is perfect for quick and precise debugging and test of fiber optic networks deployed in aircraft. Rugged, portable systems are ideal for maintenance and testing in the field.
Aerospace maintenance

Fiber Optic Latency Testing

Measure the latency, or length, of fiber optic networks for the certification of high-speed trading networks and other systems with demanding latency requirements.
Fiber optic cables