Acquisition Creates a New Fiber Sensing Powerhouse

Luna acquires OptaSense, a Market Leader in Distributed Acoustic Sensing

On Dec 3, Luna Innovations made a major announcement: it has acquired OptaSense, a recognized market leader in fiber optic distributed monitoring solutions for pipelines, oilfield services, security, highway and railway monitoring, and power and utilities monitoring systems.  The combination of the two companies is expected to create the world’s largest fiber optic sensing company.

Luna’s acquisition of OptaSense, formerly owned by Qinetiq, fills a capability gap for Luna in the measurement of continuous and long-range applications with one of the largest and strongest players in the distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) space.   Luna’s existing HYPERION product is primarily focused on measurement for discrete, specific points over a long distance for applications such as bridges, tunnels and dams. And Luna’s ODiSi product uses continuous or distributed measurement in short range situations such as automotive and aerospace.   OptaSense’s products and capabilities allow Luna to reach deeper into the sensing market by providing fully distributed measurement capabilities in long-range applications (over many kilometers) such as pipelines or borders.

Simply put, when combined with OptaSense, Luna will now have the broadest fiber optic sensing offering in the market with short-range/high-resolution, with long-range/high speed, and now with long-range/fully distributed products.

Customers of both companies will continue to see great value and service delivered with excellence.  Luna has undertaken this acquisition to allow the combined companies to better provide more robust solutions to both existing and future customers.

For more information, read the news release.


"The acquisition of OptaSense marks an incredibly important milestone in Luna Innovations’ history and will further support our growth trajectory... In addition, OptaSense’s success has been driven by a world class, industry-leading technology base and a very talented team of employees. We are very excited about welcoming them to the Luna team.” 
- Scott Graeff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Luna

“We are delighted to announce the sale of OptaSense to Luna, who will provide greater synergies and relevant market access to enable and accelerate their future growth."
- Steve Wadey, QinetiQ Chief Executive Officer