Sensing and Non-Destructive Testing

Process Control and Non-Destructive Testing



Luna’s measurement solutions provide the reliable, real-time sensor data needed to improve and optimize your manufacturing processes. Innovative sensor technologies, including terahertz gauging for multilayer thickness, density and  uniformity, and fiber optic sensing technologies for demanding temperature monitoring applications, overcome many shortcomings of more traditional measurement technologies.

Luna’s TeraMetrix Terahertz Measurement System, T-Gauge®, can provide on-line control of the manufacture of webs, sheets, pipes, tubes, molded components and rigid or flexible barrier packaging. Using terahertz technology the system provides a safe, non-contact, non-nuclear, multilayer, single sensor measurement solution.

Process Temperature Monitoring

Fiber optic temperature sensors are a compelling alternative to traditional temperature sensors, providing unique immunity to many environmental effects and the ability to map continuous thermal profiles with a single, very small, optical fiber.
Steel casting process

Thickness Monitoring for Process and Quality Control

Thickness monitoring of materials during the production process is vital to maintaining a productive and efficient manufacturing line. Terahertz measurement systems have the ability to perform on-demand, on-production measurements to ensure thickness remains accurate, especially through batch changes, shift changes, production stops and restarts and new product starts.
Multilayer thickness monitoring for plastic packaging

Density Measurement

Luna’s T-Gauge terahertz sensor can measure optical density and thickness of variable density materials such as foam, overcoming the challenges and limitations of using multiple gauges. By independently measuring the amount of material present and the physical thickness of the product, the density is measured in real-time providing a new level of process control.
optical density measurement

Non-Destructive Testing with Terahertz Technology

High-accuracy measurement of coatings and multi-layer thickness for quality control, defect inspection and maintenance applications.
coating thickness gauge