Smart Bridge in Italy Features Network of Luna Fiber Optic Accelerometers and Interrogators

Luna Innovations technology was recently deployed to help form the backbone of a full-scale, fiber-optic structural health monitoring system for the recently re-opened Polcevera Viaduct bridge (shown under construction below), which is a critical traffic artery for the city of Genoa in northern Italy.

Genoa Italy bridge under construction

The smart bridge, which is over a kilometer long featuring 19 spans, is equipped with an advanced health monitoring system based on a network of Luna’s HYPERION® measurement systems and advanced fiber optic sensors, which will monitor the structural response and conditions including the number and weight of vehicles, water stagnation, and weather for bridge monitoring, control and inspection.

Luna provided best-in-class fiber-optic interrogators and instrumented the entire bridge with an extensive network of fiber-optic accelerometers (shown below), the only optical solution available on the market that fit the project’s requirements.  

Luna accelerometer

The fully fiber-optic solution, which forms the basis of an internal “nerve” network for the structure, was easily deployed across the large structure and is now ready to be centrally operated, producing data critical to the health and maintenance of the structure for decades to come.

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