Sensing and Non-Destructive Testing

Vibration and Acceleration Measurements

Luna Innovations’ high-speed multipoint fiber optic sensing technology includes a solution for very sensitive acceleration and vibration measurements. The Luna os7500 accelerometer, combined with the HYPERION interrogator, delivers highly sensitive acceleration measurements that include the many benefits of fiber optic sensors, including being electrically passive and immune to EMI, and able to be multiplexed over large areas with a single optical fiber.

The os7500 accelerometer is Vibration measurementsbased on patent-pending Fabry-Pérot (FP) technology. Specifically tuned to address challenging environments, the os7500 provides the user the ability to accurately measure vibrations with frequency ranges up to 350 Hz and with the highest levels of sensitivity.

  • High sensitivity
  • Output noise as low as 1 µg/Hz1/2
  • Measure acceleration levels to 10 g

The FP core of the os7500 consists of an optical cavity that is coupled to a spring-mass system that deflects under applied acceleration and employs a unique two-fiber design that enables multiplexing of the FP sensors in a daisy-chain architecture.

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