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Fiber Optic Latency Testing

Luna's OBR systems can measure fiber optic latency with picosecond accuracy.

The ability to measure and verify the latency or length of a fiber optic network or link is an important capability for some critical network applications and fiber optic systems.

Financial trading
High-speed financial trading requires

In optical networks where action on a message is time-critical, such as high-speed trading, latency becomes a critical design element. Latency in communications networks is comprised of the networking and processing of messages, as well as the transmission delay through the physical fiber. Measuring and optimizing this optical transmission delay can be critical in diagnosing latency issues in a data center or maintaining quality control in the production of precision fiber links.

Length and latency measurement

Similarly, some fiber optic systems such as interferometers and radar systems for example, depend on very exact fiber length and latency for proper operation. 

Fortunately, Luna’s OBR systems can measure fiber optic latency with picosecond accuracy. For example, the OBR 4600 can measure network latency with a sampling resolution of 10 micrometers and an absolute accuracy of <0.0034%. For a 100 m network, for example, this translates to a measurement accuracy of 3.4 mm (or about 16 picoseconds). The portable and rugged OBR 6225 provides similar accuracy of 4 mm for a 100 m network.

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OBR 6225

Fiber Optic Network Test

OBR 6225

Fiber Optic Network Test

Test and characterize fiber optic cables, assemblies and network with unmatched speed, precision and spatial resolution. Luna’s OBR reflectometers can analyze loss with a spatial resolution and sensitivity unmatched in the industry.

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