Photonic Control for OEMs

OEM Modules for Fiber Optic Sensing

Fiber optic sensors are capable of measuring a wide variety of parameters such as strain, stress, temperature, and pressure. Fiber sensors based on backscattering or Fiber Bragg Grating (FBGs) methods enabled taking a distributed measurement over a section of fiber.

Designing specialized distributed fiber optic sensing systems presents several challenges related to polarization effects. Polarization-induced fading occurs in fiber interferometers because of the time varying property of the state of polarization. When the light beams combine, the mixing efficiency reduces and the interference signal ‘‘fades’’. In addition, the measurement accuracy can be polarization sensitive. To optimize the interferometer system, the polarization state should be carefully controlled. Luna offers many optical modules and components to build and optimize fiber optic sensors.

Fiber optic sensor

Photonic modules that are particularly useful for fiber optic sensing systems include:

  • Dynamic polarization controllers
  • Polarization trackers/stabilizers
  • Active polarization scrambler
  • Optical path control
  • Balanced detectors
  • Polarization diversity detectors
  • Passive depolarizers
  • Polarization switches

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