Sensing and Non-Destructive Testing

Structural Health Monitoring


The ability to measure and monitor the condition of critical structures, such as bridges, dams, towers, pipelines, tunnels, wind turbines, oil rigs, marine structures and aircraft, is an important and growing component of lifecycle management. Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems can monitor and detect changes that indicate damage, wear or malfunction in these structures.

Fiber optic sensing systems are ideal for SHM applications. With the ability to easily instrument large structures with a single optical fiber and a proven track record of reliable operation in the most demanding environments, Luna’s fiber optic sensing systems are delivering the data needed for many types of SHM systems.

SHM for Civil and Geotechnical Structures

Whether monitoring the condition of aging infrastructure or the performance of critical newer structures, Luna’s fiber optic sensing systems have been deployed successfully on many bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings, foundations and more.

SHM for Energy Systems

Wind turbines, offshore structures, transformers and hydroelectric plants are among the high-value critical assets that can be effectively and economically monitored with fiber optic sensing systems.
Wind turbine construction