Optic Communications and Photonic Control

Optical Device Testing and Characterization

Group 15


The need for high accuracy, high-speed advanced test and measurement instruments is essential for today’s photonic components and systems. Luna offers a broad spectrum of testing solutions specially designed to reduce testing time and increase yield with minimum integration effort. From simple IL/PDL measurement to more sophisticated characterization and analysis tools, Luna gives manufacturers and designers the tools they need to build products according to specs the first time, and every time.

PIC and Silicon Photonics Testing

The photonic integrated circuit (PIC) is a critical technology for meeting the exponentially growing demand for bandwidth, capacity and performance. Fast, accurate and complete testing of PICs early and throughout the development cycle is essential.
Silicon photonics PIC device

Polarization Testing of Coherent Receivers

Coherent DWDM technologies enable the transmission of up to 800 Gbps of data on a single wavelength to fulfill the increasing demand for more network bandwidth. One of the important optical parameters that affect the performance of Coherent communications systems is polarization. Those systems demand rigorous polarization testing to quantitatively characterize all polarization-related functions of coherent receivers.
Fiber optic cables