Fighter jetLuna Optoelectronics provides critical optoelectronics subassemblies for some of the world’s most demanding military applications.  We make sure that we fully understand the application and its requirements, then leverage our extensive design and fabrication capabilities to provide an optoelectronic solution that will meet the most demanding specifications for performance and reliability.

The nature of our photodiode technology makes it ideal for military applications due to the light weight, robustness, and low power requirements.  Our Avalanche Photodiode technology provides the highest gain and active area of any APD product in the industry.

Our LED technology is perfectly suited for display systems in all types of military vehicles and for tactical IR illumination.

MissileFrom visible to IR systems, API can support the requirements of many applications including:

  • Missile Guidance
  • Missile Warning Systems
  • Muzzle flash / gunfire detection
  • Near-Infrared (NIR) illumination
  • Performance measurement of laser designators
  • Performance measurement of Night Vision equipment
  • Polarization imaging
  • Laser rangefinding

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