Upgrade Your Fiber Optic Diagnostics with Portable Ultra-High Resolution Optical Backscatter Reflectometry


Optical backscatter reflectometry (OBR) has become a valuable tool in the testing and diagnostics of fiber optic assemblies, components, and short networks. OBR systems provide measurement and diagnostic capabilities that the industry-standard optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) does not because of its limited spatial resolution and precision.

This webinar will explain how OBR technology can locate and analyze issues and defects in fiber optic assemblies with submillimeter technology, and make very precise measurements of fiber optic latency and length. As fiber optic networks are increasingly deployed in challenging locations and environments, such as in aerospace, military, and marine applications, this webinar will introduce and demonstrate a new, portable, and rugged OBR. The OBR 6200 Series system is the world’s highest resolution and most precise fiber optic reflectometer. It is optimized to simplify and streamline field maintenance and portable testing applications.


David Potter is director of marketing for Luna Innovations, Blacksburg, Va., a manufacturer of cutting-edge fiber optic test and measurement solutions. He holds a BSEE from Vanderbilt University and an MSEE from MIT. He has over 25 years of experience in the test and measurement industry developing and managing products and solutions for automated test, data acquisition, and advanced industrial measurements. He is currently responsible for technical marketing and product management at Luna.