Aircraft Non-Destructive Testing

The specialty coatings on the outside of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter present a unique challenge to measure.  THz pulses can be used to measure the thickness of the coating as it is applied in the paint booth.  Once the coating is dry, THz pulses can verify the coating thickness. 

With a coating applied to the various parts it is no longer possible to properly align one part with another.  A handheld THz scanner can provide the information necessary to properly assemble the airframe.

In service inspections and repairs of the external coating can be performed with the aid of THz systems, and when the coating needs to be removed, THz measurement tools can assist in laser paint removal by measuring the remaining coating to control the laser power and cutting depth.

From start to finish, TeraMetrix THz products are increasing the efficiency in manufacture and maintenance of the F-35.

Paint stripping machine
Step chek device

Typical Product Configuration: