The Luna Quarterly

Q2 2021

Welcome to Luna's quarterly newsletter, highlighting some development and news from Q2. We look forward to hearing back from you on any of the information below - we're here to help!

Brian Soller

A Message from Luna's COO

Dear Luna employees, partners, customers and stakeholders: First, let me start by acknowledging what an honor it is to have been appointed Luna’s Chief Operating Officer. I started my journey (and career!) with Luna over 19 years ago and what an amazing journey it’s been. Luna is a much different company today than it was back then. While we’ve accomplished a tremendous amount, when I look at the opportunities that lie ahead, in many ways I feel like we are just getting started.
Luna 6415

Luna 6415 Component Analyzer Now Does Even More

The recent release of the Luna 6415 control software continues the ongoing improvements in the performance and functionality of the Lightwave Component Analyzer 6415 platform. Since the original release of the 6415, Luna has continued to evolve the capabilities of the innovative measurement system to deliver more user functionality, measure longer distances, and make it easier for customers to integrate their Luna systems into external automation systems.
F35 Testing

Customer Spotlight: Lockheed Martin Wins Award

Congratulations to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics for receiving the highest award from the National Association of Manufacturers’ Manufacturing Leadership Council in the category of Operational Excellence. The 2021 award recognized their deployment of the Aircraft Optical Network Diagnostic System which provided an “innovative solution to a very complex and labor intensive process of analyzing optical fiber performance using optical backscatter reflectometer (OBR) technology”.

Tube reactor

New Product: Multipoint Probes Measure Up To 700 ˚C

Luna recently introduced a new line of high-temperature multipoint probes for use with the HYPERION fiber optic sensing platform. Ideal for a broad range of industrial applications, the os4500 Series includes a line of stainless steel probes with 10 or 20 discrete integrated measurement points, rated up to 700 ˚C.
Measuring PER in optical fiber

The Importance of Measuring Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER)

When dealing with highly birefringent optical components, such as polarization maintaining (PM) fibers and integrated waveguides, the ability to maintain a stable and linear state of polarization (SOP) is desirable is essential for the successful operation of many high-speed optical modulators, fiber sensors, optical imaging systems and fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs).
SMS Bridge Installation

Partner Spotlight: SMS Systems Listen to Critical Structures

With 7.5% of America’s more than 617,000 bridges considered structurally deficient, asset owners are looking to find new and innovative ways to extend the life of these critical structures. Luna Innovations has partnered with Structural Monitoring Solutions (SMS) to tackle one of these structures in the United States with a life-extending acoustic emission monitoring system.
Carbon Capture Plant

OptaSense Launches New Visualization Software for DAS Applications

OptaSense recently the latest version of its industry-leading visualization software for linear asset monitoring. Representing the culmination of over 45 years of development OS6 is designed to provide an unmatched level of usability interaction and reliability for pipeline, border and perimeter monitoring applications.
Drone and FOG coils

High Precision Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) Coils

Fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOGs) represent one of the more widely deployed fiber sensing technologies with adoption in a variety of commercial and military applications. Interferometric fiber-optic gyroscopes (IFOGs) incorporate single-mode polarization maintaining (PM) fiber coil as the sensing element. Luna Innovations has developed multiple methods, winding processes and test technology to manufacture high-quality, defect-free fiber optic gyro coils with superior uniformity and efficiency for low, medium, and high-end FOG navigation and strategic systems.

Q3 Events - Come See Us!

Tradeshows and conferences are coming back and Luna is excited to get back out on the road, meet with our customers and showcase new products and capabilities. See where Luna will be exhibiting and presenting in Q3.
Working at Luna

Luna is Hiring!

We're in growth mode at Luna Innovations!  At Luna, you'll work with the world’s most gifted, curious, forward-thinking engineers, scientists and thought leaders to shape the future of fiber optic test, measurement and sensing systems.