The Luna Quarterly

Q3 2021

Welcome to Luna's quarterly newsletter, highlighting some development and news from Q3. We look forward to hearing back from you on any of the information below - we're here to help!


Gene Nestro, Luna CFO

A Message from Luna's CFO

Dear Luna employees, partners, customers and stakeholders:

I hope you are all healthy and happy. It is incredible how fast time flies. I will be celebrating my two-year anniversary with Luna in a few months, and as I drive to our offices in Roanoke, Blacksburg and Charlottesville, the changing colors of fall remind me of all the changes I’ve seen at Luna. 

Precise Downhole Solutions

Partner Spotlight: Precise Downhole Solutions

Luna Innovations is pleased to collaborate with the PureLight™ division of Precise Downhole Solutions to provide the industry with cutting-edge temperature, pressure, strain, and acoustic sensing technologies that are utilized across a multitude of industrial applications, including oil and gas, geothermal, infrastructure and geotechnical projects
OBR 6200 in Data Center

New Longer-Range OBR for Data Centers

The new OBR 6235 brings ultra-high resolution analysis of distributed loss and latency measurements to data centers with longer measurement range in a portable, easy-to-use system. The OBR 6235 extends the measurement length of the portable OBR family out to 500 m, making it ideal for rack-to-rack connections and other intra-data center links.

ODiSI Sensing Span

Longer Sensors Extend the Reach of High-Definition ODiSI Systems

The ODISI 6000 Series system is now an even better solution for large monitoring and testing applications. The recent upgrade of the ODiSI system software extends its capabilities to include support for high-definition (HD) sensors up to 100 m in length on each channel.
OS Microseismic monitoring

OptaSense Launches Microseismic Monitoring Service

OptaSense has launched a new Microseismic Monitoring Service that delivers high-fidelity data in individual or multiple well and can be deployed outside permanent casing or inside wells from retrievable fibers. 
os8100 Optical Tilt Sensor

New Product: Ultra-Sensitive Tilt Measurements for Fiber Optic Sensing Systems

Luna has launched the os8100 optical tilt sensors, delivering rugged and multipoint tilt measurements to expand the capabilities of structural health monitoring systems based on fiber optic sensors.

Image of blow molded plastic bottles

How THz Systems Improve Blow Molded Products

Luna’s Terahertz (THz) measurement systems will be featured at the SPE Blow Molding Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in October, to demonstrate our technology in improving manufacturing through high-resolution process control monitoring. THz sensors are a relatively new technology that provide ultra-fast, accurate and highly precise measurements of thickness in multilayer blow molded products. \

Poincare sphere - t

New Product: Polarization State Generator and Switch Are Faster, Smaller and Lower Power

Luna is excited to announce the launch of a new generation of solid-state magneto-optic (MO) crystals-based polarization switch and polarization state generator optical heads, designed for OEMs building photonic systems for fiber sensing, OCT, imaging and test and measurement. 

ECOC 2021

Luna Demonstrates Latest Test Solutions at ECOC 2021

The Luna team was very excited to attend ECOC 2021, the European Conference on Optical Communications held in Bordeaux, France in mid September. COVID-19 travel restrictions notwithstanding, the show was a success and very productive, providing a great opportunity for technical consultations, discussing futures projects, and reconnecting with customers and partners.

Where We Will Be in Q4

In-person industry events are ramping up as we move into Q4. Come see us and our latest technology in action at the following conferences and tradeshows in the coming months.