The Luna Quarterly

Welcome to Luna's quarterly newsletter, highlighting some developments and news from Q4. We look forward to hearing back from you on any of the information below - we're here to help!

Scott Graeff, Luna CEO

A Message from Luna's President & CEO, Scott Graeff

In December 2020 we announced the transformative acquisition of OptaSense.  This strategic move brought together two great businesses with strong adjacencies and a large, combined opportunity.  But what really made this combination so powerful is the people - talented and committed teams, coming together with a mission to enhance the safety, security and connectivity of people by leveraging our expertise in fiber optic-based technology and the information it provides.

Polarization Webinar Recording

Polarization Control Technologies for Emerging Applications

A new informative webinar explains available polarization technologies, the advantages and limitations of each, and the application of advanced control modes, such as scrambling, tracking, stabilization, depolarization and randomizing, in some example modern photonic systems. Available to watch on-demand now.
os3300 Strain Rosette

New Optical Strain Rosette for HYPERION Systems

The strain rosette sensor is an important tool in many structural test and monitoring applications. Now, the os3300 optical strain rosette extends this important capability to optical systems with a novel, compact and versatile design.
ARCS AR appplication

Partner Spotlight: ARCS Combines AR and THz

Integrating advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology with Luna’s TeraMetrix T-Ray® 5000, ARCS Aviation delivers an unprecedented and interactive user experience for aircraft painting.
Roosevelt Bridge, Florida

Case Study: Roosevelt Bridge

Luna Innovations’ HYPERION platform was deployed on Florida’s Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart, FL to monitor for wire breaks on the structure.  By partnering with Structural Monitoring Solutions to strategically place Luna's optical accelerometers for active monitoring of acoustic emission profiles of wire breaks along critical portions of the bridge; travelers can feel safer when traversing the bridge.

Data Center

Improving Security and Compliance of Data Centers

The rapid growth of data centers is being driven by the rising demand for cloud, colocation and financial trading services, as well as the adoption of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and machine learning. Luna offers testing and monitoring solutions to help ensure successful installation and operation of data centers.

Come See Us in Q1 2022

Luna will be exhibiting at several industry events and tradeshows in Q1 of 2022 demonstrating our solutions for fiber optic sensing, photonics testing, laser sources and OEM photonics modules.