The Luna Quarterly

Q1 2021

Welcome back to Luna's quarterly newsletter for customers, partners and friends!  We've missed seeing you in person, and hope that everyone is faring well as we begin to slowly emerge from this global pandemic. We look forward to hearing back from you on any of the information below - we're here to help!

Scott A. Graeff

A Message from Luna's President & CEO

Friends: It' s been awhile since we last sent a newsletter out, so it's good to connect with you again. Over the past few years, you have seen Luna evolve; systematically refocusing our business to pursue our vision of "Enabling the Future with Fiber."  We have divested certain assets that were not strategic to our long-term strategy and acquired other key assets that will help drive further growth.
Luna high-definition strain compensation temperature sensor

New Product: Sensors for More Accurate Distributed Temperature Measurements

Luna’s ODiSI platform is now the industry’s only high-definition fiber optic temperature measurement system capable of removing the error-causing effects of mechanical strain on fiber optic temperature sensors.

Every Last Picosecond Counts: High Stakes for Luna’s OBR

When dealing with financial trading data centers, every last picosecond counts: duplex fiber cord discrepancies could ultimately affect their place in line to make a trade, potentially costing traders millions of dollars. How then do you accurately measure the length of a cable that is hundreds of meters long with multiple connector junctions when you only have access to one end of the fiber?
Freeway with sensors

Customer Spotlight: University of Tennessee & IACMI

Luna Innovations partnered with researchers from the University of Tennessee (UT) and the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) to equip a new fiber-reinforced polymer composite material (FRP) bridge deck with integrated, high-density fiber optic sensors, which will be used to monitor the composite deck system over time to give critical performance and safety data.
THz Customer Spotlight

THz Customer Spotlight: Aerobotix

For more than 15 years, Aerobotix has proven itself an innovative leader in FANUC robotic solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. Powered by Luna’s award-winning T-Ray technology, Aerobotix has been able to differentiate itself within the industry by providing turnkey solutions previously unachievable with off-the-shelf alternatives.
Polytec Logo

Partner Spotlight: Polytec

For more than 15 years, Luna Innovations and Polytec have worked together to create a reputation as leading partners in fiber optic technologies.  Crack detection, optimization of ingredients for strong concrete structures and alternatives to the traditional steel rebar structure are a few key topics where Luna's ODiSIs are delivering extremely valuable high-resolution results for Polytec's customers.
Elevated train

Sensing News

Luna Innovations, in conjunction with our partner Structural Monitoring Services (SMS), recently took part in a never-before-done project. An eight-mile section of elevated railway in the United States is now being monitored using Luna’s HYPERION platform paired with our os7500 Fabry Perot accelerometers.
Silicon chip photonic integrated circuit

Photonic Test News

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) have revolutionized many key industries such as telecommunications, optical computing, aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical. It has become possible to combine various optical devices on a single silicon photonics chip, minimizing cost, as well as environmental footprint all while avoiding complicated assembly operations. PICs offer more functionality, reliability, and scalability than discrete systems, making them ideal for large-scale production needs.
T-Ray 5000 series

Luna Terahertz News

In keeping with our reputation as a thought leader for imaginative sensing design approaches, Luna has developed a dual channel Terahertz system to measure the thickness (without calibration) of a highly conductive (metal) layer. The advance of our dual channel Terahertz demonstrates yet another capability of Luna’s innovative Terahertz sensors, expanding the use of Terahertz sensors to an important, previously excluded market segment.
Mount Rushmore with sensors

Case study: Mount Rushmore

Luna, along with with partner Respec, developed a Rock Block Monitoring System for the iconic Mount Rushmore to help improve data quality and reliability, while reducing maintenance cost by replacing the existing system. Frequent sensor replacement and repair trips will no longer be necessary, and the monitoring system was designed so additional gages and cable can be added with minimal intervention.
Luna people picture

Luna is hiring!

We're in growth mode at Luna Innovations!  At Luna, you'll work with the world’s most gifted, curious, forward-thinking engineers, scientists and thought leaders to shape the future of fiber optic test, measurement and sensing systems.
Woman watching Luna Innovations webinar

Learn with Luna!

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