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Welcome to Luna's quarterly newsletter, highlighting some developments and news from Q1 of 2022. We look forward to hearing back from you on any of the information below - we're here to help! Reach out via our [email protected] email.

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Company News: Luna acquires LIOS

In March Luna announced the acquisition of LIOS, a division of NKT Photonics. LIOS is a recognized market leader in distributed fiber optic monitoring solutions for power cable, pipelines, oilfield services, security, highways, railways and industrial fire detection systems. The acquisition will further expand Luna into these high-growth markets.

Luna Maple Leaf Automated Probe Station

Luna Innovations & Maple Leaf Photonics Join Forces to Provide a Complete and Modular Solution for the Characterization of Photonic Circuits

Integrated photonics is an enabling technology and has dramatically changed the way we look at system integration. Simplifying and condensing complex optical systems, components, and functions onto a single silicon photonic chip is now a reality, bringing many advantages over standard discrete system integration such as a reduction in size, weight, manufacturing cost, and power consumption, yet with improved reliability.

os9200 Pressure Sensor

New Pressure Sensor for HYPERION FOS Systems

The expanding line of sensors available for the HYPERION system now includes the os9200, a rugged, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensor for high-accuracy pressure measurements in both gaseous and liquid environments. Featuring a ruggedized, stainless steel body rated to IP67, the os9200 is ideal for passive (non-electrical) monitoring of pressure in a variety of industrial applications. 

Ontario County, New York

Ground Subsidence Monitoring in Upstate New York

For the first time in OptaSense history, a commercially sold strain project has been successfully installed for long term ground subsidence monitoring alongside a new natural gas pipeline in upstate New York. The project was initiated because Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) encountered a concern from the City of Wheatland, as they were planning to replace a 75-year-old natural gas line. Officials in the city were concerned about possible sinkholes caused by massive abandoned subterranean quartz mining.

Medical instruments with tubing

Application Spotlight: Using Terahertz Systems to Measure Critical Parameters in Medical Tubing

Medical tubing and catheters require precise uniform wall thickness to provide predictable performance in life-critical applications. As the demand for more complex, precisely controlled medical tubing grows, it is critical to have monitoring methods that can supply manufacturers with the comprehensive range of product information required to validate their products.

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