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Innovative Sensors for Inflatable Space Habitats

Creating Accurate Temperature and Sensing Measurements for Nuclear Reactors

Acquisition Creates a New Fiber Sensing Powerhouse


Smart Bridge in Italy Features Network of Luna Fiber Optic Accelerometers and Interrogators

Luna Fiber Optic Accelerometers Capture Seismic Measurements During Earthquake Despite Power and Cellular Outages

Structural Health Monitoring is Critical for Dams as America's Infrastructure Continues to Age

Embedding Fiber Optic Sensors for Active Feedback Control in Thermoplastic Welding

Luna's Latest America's Cup Partnership Builds on its Strong History with Racing Yachts

Fiber Optic Testing Helps Ensure EV Battery Health and Safety

Fiber Optic Sensing for Aircraft Overheat Detection Designed to Improve Safety

Luna Accelerometer Senses Earthquake from 3,000 km Away

Geohazard Strain Monitoring Mitigates Risk for Oil Pipelines

Measuring Strain and Temperature within 3D Printed Components

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