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Enhancing Bridge Safety: High-Definition Fiber Optic Strain Sensing for Early Crack Detection

The OBR 6200: Rugged, Portable Reflectometer for the Aerospace and Military Industries

Screen and locate faulty events in short fiber optic networks with sub-mm resolution – an innovative solution to a very complex and labor-intensive testing process.

Luna, Maple Leaf Photonics and LIGENTEC join forces at OFC 2023 to showcase automated PIC probe station.

Luna Innovations, Maple Leaf Photonics, and LIGENTEC join forces to demonstrate a complete and modular solution for fast and precise characterization of complex photonic circuits. 

Luna Polarization Technology Helps Largest Radio Telescope in the World Measure 900mph Winds on Jupiter

Luna technology was used by an international team of astronomers who just measured Jupiter’s raging stratospheric winds for the very first time—and they used a 27-year-old comet to do it.

Luna and Lockheed Martin Extend Partnership with $6M+ deal

Techniques for Measuring the PDL of Optical Systems or Components

Portable High-Resolution Reflectometer for Field Maintenance Applications

Luna Launches New Analyzer for PICs and Silicon Photonics

Measure Latency in Optical Networks with Picosecond Accuracy

Back to Basics – Measuring Return Loss

New Component Analyzer for Silicon Photonics and PICs

Characterizing devices with the OVA 5000 – Accelerating R&D in Silicon Photonics

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See – Luna’s OBR 4600 Enables Unprecedented Visibility into Silicon Photonics Designs

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