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Enhancing Bridge Safety: High-Definition Fiber Optic Strain Sensing for Early Crack Detection

The OBR 6200: Rugged, Portable Reflectometer for the Aerospace and Military Industries

Screen and locate faulty events in short fiber optic networks with sub-mm resolution – an innovative solution to a very complex and labor-intensive testing process.

Enabling Electrified Aircraft With Fiber

Protecting the Planet Through Fiber Optic Monitoring of Captured CO2

The growing threat of global climate change and adoption of “Net Zero” initiatives has forced countries to find alternatives to emitting CO2 in the atmosphere. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the only industrial large-scale solution currently available across multiple industries.


The 10 Most Disruptive Business Leaders to Follow in 2023

Luna Innovations CEO, Scott Graeff, named one of the "10 Most Disruptive Business Leaders". Time Iconic magazine chronicles Scott Graeff's leadership journey and Luna Innovations next generation fiber optical technologies.

Luna Innovations and Enablence partner to demonstrate a complete characterization of a 10 m-long delay line fabricated on a silica-on-silicon platform at OFC 2023.

Luna Innovations, an industry leader in testing for integrated photonics, will utilize Enablence’s leading optical chips to demonstrate Luna’s characterization capabilities at OFC 2023 in San Diego, California, March 7-9.

Luna, Maple Leaf Photonics and LIGENTEC join forces at OFC 2023 to showcase automated PIC probe station.

Luna Innovations, Maple Leaf Photonics, and LIGENTEC join forces to demonstrate a complete and modular solution for fast and precise characterization of complex photonic circuits. 

High-Definition Fiber Optic Sensing for Rocket Propulsion Testing

Luna Innovations along with our partner, Fabrisonic LLC, recently demonstrated SensePipe. SensePipe combines high-definition fiber optic sensors embedded into a section of piping using Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing technology allowing engineers to better understand fluid flow and the structural health of the piping in  rocket propulsion systems.

Using Luna's ODiSI Fiber Optic System to Monitor Roadway and Structure Repairs

With increasing deterioration of civil infrastructure around the world, rapid setting epoxy concrete resins offer an attractive emerging technology for maintaining roadways, bridges, and commercial buildings. Luna's high-definition fiber optic monitoring is enabling key measurements for physical attributes such as strain and temperature to quantify fatigue life characterization. 

Luna’s Solutions for Quantum Communications

Cyber attacks on sensitive data are increasing at an alarming rate with the annual cost of cybercrime reaching $10.5 trillion by 2025. In this environment, ultra-secure communication links are needed more than ever. Quantum communication technology is positioned to solve this problem. 

High-Definition FOS Delivers the Detail for Bridge Structures

High-definition distributed sensing (HD-FOS), combined with rugged Nerve-Sensors, tackle the challenge of detecting cracks and monitoring the structural health of bridges and critical infrastructure assets. Learn more about this solution for structural preventative and monitoring efforts.

Improving the Safety of Building Structures with Fiber Optic Sensing

Through continuous monitoring of stress, strain, cracks, displacement, tilt and vibration, fiber optic sensing systems can provide advanced warning of growing structural problems and reduce the risk of failure. By leveraging the many benefits of fiber optic sensing, these systems can remotely monitor critical structures affordably and reliably.

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