Trimetasphere® stands for trimetallic nanospheres, and it is commonly referred to TNT EMFs (trimetallic nitride template endohedral metallofullerenes) in literature. TNT EMFs were originally discovered by Professor Harry Dorn at Virginia Tech. We licensed the patent for these nanomaterials and named them Trimetasphere®. Trimetasphere® is a class of novel fullerenes comprising 80 carbons (C80) forming a sphere which encloses a complex of three metal atoms bound together by a nitrogen atom M3N. Trimetasphere® has a chemical formula of M3[email protected]80 (the symbol @ denotes that M3N is encapsulated inside the C80 carbon cage). A variety of metals can be entrapped inside the carbon cage, including scandium, yttrium and the lanthanides. We are equipped to produce large quantities of Trimetasphere® carbon nanomaterials in our Danville, Virginia manufacturing facility with semi-automation assisted production lines. Trimetasphere® is being developed as in vivo magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents and organic photovoltaic electron acceptors.

We offer Trimetasphere® carbon nanomaterials and their functionalized derivatives for laboratory research and development. Contact SES Research at for how to order, or email us.