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See Inside Photonic Integrated Circuits with < 10 μm Resolution

The need for high accuracy, high-speed advanced test and measurement instruments is essential for today’s photonic systems and components.

Photonic Integrated CircuitPhotonic integrated circuits (PICs) are a key element in high-speed communications, optical computing, aerospace, defense and medical applications.

But, PICs can be challenging to test and measure, which is a significant contributor to the overall cost of bringing products to market. Effective testing of PICs requires more comprehensive and sophisticated methodologies to ensure optimal, reliable performance and reduced development costs.

Luna has the technology to "look inside” PICs in the transmission mode or reflection mode with micrometer-level spatial resolution for a complete optical characterization of the device.

Luna offers a broad spectrum of testing solutions specially designed to reduce testing time and increase yield with minimum integration effort, giving manufacturers and designers the tools they need to build products according to specs the first time, and every time.

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