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Get the most out of your instruments

What is LunaCare?

LunaCare instrument support plans help your team maximize test and measurement productivity.

Great service is a part of the Luna brand promise and available to all Luna customers. Instrument support plans are ideal for priority or critical service at a low cost with exclusive benefits!

Make everyday a productive day...

  • Facilitate learning — How-To articles and videos, frequently asked questions, and access to Luna’s experts for help with instrument set-up, test set-up, software, data processing, and analysis
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair with priority service
  • Maintain measurement performance by keeping your instruments in tip-top shape
  • Reduce measurement downtime with hot-swappable instruments


Experience LunaCare Plans

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Maintain your instrument to its original factory specifications.

Learning Tools

Learn quickly by utilizing Luna’s technical experts.

Increase Uptime Performance

Ensure uptime for your measurement and monitoring systems.

Peace of Mind

Access to support through LunaCare priority response options.

LunaCare Support Plans

Each contract is based on 1-year or 3-year annual terms with auto-renewal.
Plan Technical Support Factory Repair Priority Service Applications Consulting Remote Diagnostic Inspection Cleaning and Updating Loaner Instrument
Standard Service X X            
Business Priority X X X X X X X  
Business Critical X X X X X X X X
Fleet Care Single contract coverage for installed instrument base. Fully customizable to meet the needs of the client.


What's Included:

  • Technical Support

    Engage Luna’s extensive technical expertise with the click of a button. Upon logging into the customer portal, you will find a plethora of knowledge articles, demonstration videos, software tutorials and frequently asked questions. When you register your instrument serial number in the portal, your inquiries will automatically be directed to the appropriate Luna staff for support. Response times vary, however, with Priority Service (as described below), you can expect a response within one business day. Technical support services include general training on instrument use and care, how-to topics, and basic diagnostics.

  • Applications Consulting

    Engineers with hands-on experience are available to perform tests in the lab and in the field. Whether you need help with Instrument training, setting up your test, evaluating test results, analyzing data, or even utilizing Luna engineers to perform testing services, our applications consulting team is here to help. Business Priority and Business Critical support plans include one business day per year of Application Consulting services. Services may be offered at your location for an additional fee. Travel fees for in-person are not included in this plan and will be quoted at the time of service. The scope of services must be reviewed and agreed upon prior to engaging in work.

  • Priority Service

    Luna’s global support team stands ready to assist all of our customers! Great service is our promise and as part of our Business Priority and Business Critical support plans, Priority Service is guaranteed. Luna technical experts will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day.

  • Remote Diagnostics

    Providing firmware updates or helping to diagnose possible instrument damage, Remote Diagnostic support can be an efficient way to address updates and answer questions.

  • Factory Repair

    In the event that your instrument requires a factory repair, LunaCare support plan customers can expect priority treatment from our team of dedicated customer support technicians. Repairs will be subject to the warranty terms and conditions. For instruments beyond the factory warranty, the evaluation fee will be waived for LunaCare Support Plan customers and repairs will be quoted based on necessary parts and labor.

  • Inspection

    LunaCare Support Plan customers will benefit from an annual inspection. Luna technicians will inspect each connector and provide a laser inspection and retuning as necessary. While Luna’s instruments do not inherently require calibration, the annual inspection ensures your instrument is running at peak performance.

  • Cleaning and Updating

    Proper care and maintenance will ensure your instrument is operating at its best. Many of the challenges with instrument performance can be prevented with proper cleaning and handling of fiber optic connections. In addition to annual inspection, LunaCare Support Plan customers will benefit from an annual cleaning, and updating service. Furthermore, Luna techs will install any software or firmware updates.

  • Hot Swap Replacements

    Whether it’s a production line, a test lab, or a field monitoring application, Luna knows how important it is to keep your processes going. Business Critical Support Plan customers will enjoy the added benefit of utilizing a loaner instrument while theirs is in for maintenance or repair.

Business Priority

1-year Business Priority Plan Part Number
OVA 5100 Series SUPT01001
OBR 4600 Series SUPT01002
OBR 6200 Series SUPT01003
Luna 6400 Series SUPT01004
ODiSI 6100 Series SUPT01005
Hyperion Systems SUPT01006


3-year Business Priority Plan Part Number
OVA 5100 Series SUPT03001
OBR 4600 Series SUPT03002
OBR 6200 Series SUPT03003
Luna 6400 Series SUPT03004
ODiSI 6100 Series SUPT03005
Hyperion Systems SUPT03006


3-year Business Priority Plan & 3-year Warranty Part Number
OVA 5100 Series SUPT04001
OBR 4600 Series SUPT04002
OBR 6200 Series SUPT04003
Luna 6400 Series SUPT04004
ODiSI 6100 Series SUPT04005
Hyperion Systems SUPT04006


Business Critical

1-year Business Critical Plan Part Number
OVA 5100 Series SUPT11001
OBR 4600 Series SUPT11002
OBR 6200 Series SUPT11003
Luna 6400 Series SUPT11004
ODiSI 6100 Series SUPT11005
Hyperion Systems SUPT11006


3-year Business Critical Plan Part Number
OVA 5100 Series SUPT13001
OBR 4600 Series SUPT13002
OBR 6200 Series SUPT13003
Luna 6400 Series SUPT13004
ODiSI 6100 Series SUPT13005
Hyperion Systems SUPT13006


3-year Business Critical Plan & 3-year Warranty Part Number
OVA 5100 Series SUPT14001
OBR 4600 Series SUPT14002
OBR 6200 Series SUPT14003
Luna 6400 Series SUPT14004
ODiSI 6100 Series SUPT14005
Hyperion Systems SUPT14006


Fleet Care

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