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Unmatched Accuracy and Precision for Financial Data Center Network Testing

Financial institutions, banks, and trading floors need to keep customer information and transactions safe, secure and compliant. And it all starts with a reliable, accurate fiber optic network system.

The rise of distributed computing, automation, and virtual networks has driven critical functions to move online, requiring that vast amounts of data move quickly, securely, and reliably, both within and between computing nodes. In response, there has been an explosion in data center density, complexity, and interconnectivity. High data rate transmission is a requirement not only between data centers, but within data centers, which are also subject increasingly stringent and comprehensive standards governing security, redundancy, and fault tolerance.

Today’s data centers use thousands of high speed optical transceivers, switches, and fiber connections to route data. The number and complexity of light paths within the system makes tight control of latency (data transit time) an absolute must to maintain real-time, uniform transaction speeds. Financial data centers, especially, require precise verification of not only the absolute length, but the unit-to-unit length variation of fiber cables.  Zero downtime also requires rapid fault identification and repair.

Luna Innovations' test systems can quickly verify optical path length and latency with unmatched accuracy and precision, making them ideal for financial data centers and other high-performance networks.

Ultra-High Spatial Resolution and No “Dead Zones”
Unlike optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), Luna’s Optical Backscatter Reflectometers (OBRs) feature no “dead zones,” no launch cable requirements and sampling resolutions down to 10 microns. 

Troubleshoot and Diagnose Networks
Identify, measure and locate individual loss events, such as connectors, bad splices, macro-bends and breaks with backscatter level sensitivity and industry-leading dynamic range.

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