Miniature Variable Optical Delay Line
Discontinued VDL-004

Miniature Variable Optical Delay Line


Replacement Products: Manual Optical Delay Line or Manual Variable Optical Delay Line

The VDL-004 manual variable optical delay line is a small, short range delay line that allows a user to adjust the delay to a desired position and then lock it in place.

Product Description

The VDL-004 is a fiber coupled delay line with the delay adjustment path in free space. The delay is adjusted by manually turning a dial on one end of the device, and the position is read from a scale on the front. The device includes a locking screw to lock the position setting. This device offers continuous control with high precision, zero backlash, and good thermal stability. Convenient mounting brackets allow mounting in any orientation, as well as easy integration of multiple units on a base plate to form an array.

The delay line is available with either single mode or PM fiber pigtails.

  • Key Features
    • Compact
    • Zero backlash
    • Thermally stable
    • Position locking mechanism
    • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Specifications
    Center wavelengths (λc)

    SM, single pass: 1310/1550 dual window, 1060, or 840nm

    SM, double pass: 1310 or 1550nm
    PM, single pass: 1310, 1550, 1060, or 840nm

    Wavelength range λc±50nm
    Optical delay range Single-pass: 130 ps (40 mm)
    Double-pass: 260 ps
    Optical delay resolution Continuous adjustment
    3.34 ps (1mm) per full turn
    Delay temperature stability (0.52+0.008*delay) µm/°C
    where “delay” = optical delay in mm
    Delay repeatability <20 µm
    Zero point delay offset 230 ps, (excluding caps, boots, and fiber pigtails)
    IL <0.8 dB, excluding connectors
    IL variation over delay range <0.4 dB

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The VDL-004 is designed for OEM applications that require short-range optical path adjustment to find an optimal position and then lock it in place, especially for multichannel path matching. Applications include phased array antennas, microwave photonics, coherent detection systems, optical time domain multiplexing (OTDM), optical coherence tomography (OCT), optical interferometry, optical Fourier spectrum analysis, and fiber sensors.

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