Time delay fiber coils
TDC Series

Time Delay Coils

TDC series fiber coils are wound with special adhesive and winding techniques to be compact and low loss. They are available with or without an enclosure.

Product Description

The TDC series of fiber coils are designed for applications that require prescribed lengths of fiber to add delay or control the optical path length of a test system. They are wound using specialized techniques to minimize the effect of winding on the fiber to produce compact, low- loss coils. Coils up to 4km in length can be packaged in a durable aluminum enclosure to withstand transportation and varied environmental conditions for field applications.

  • Key Features
    • Low insertion loss
    • Custom fiber lengths
    • Compact
    • Enclosure available
  • Specifications
    Winding loss

    <0.3 dB/km typical, <0.5 dB/km max

    (in addition to intrinsic fiber loss and connector loss)

    Fiber length 10m to 4km
    Fiber type SMF-28 standard, others available
    Dimensions Enclosure: 6”x6” x1.59”

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation


TDC coils are suitable for any application that requires a specific length of optical fiber for optical path length control.

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