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Communications and Photonic Testing

Innovative technology for design and test of photonic components and systems

Our Key Industries


Test fiber optic networks and optical components faster and more completely

Feeding the demand for faster and more reliable data connections, modern communications networks increasingly rely on high-performance fiber optics and photonics components. Luna’s advanced photonic testing solutions help engineers bring new photonic technology to market faster and more efficiently.


Advanced test and fiber optic measurement systems for communications and aerospace avionics, advanced materials and structures and specialty coatings

Developing and deploying advanced technologies for communications and aerospace avionics, lightweighting and specialty coatings requires high-quality, advanced avionics testing and measurement capabilities


Test, measurement and validation of new materials and systems

Automotive OEMs and suppliers rely on Luna automotive measurement solutions to develop, validate and manufacture the technologies that will drive a new era of mobility and sustainability.

Civil & Geotechnical

Rugged and extensible systems for real-time structural health monitoring

Rugged and reliable structural monitoring solutions help ensure the safety and security of our civil and geotechnical infrastructure.  Luna’s measurement systems can provide all the real-time data needed for condition assessment or valuable data to validate new materials or construction processes.  


Monitoring and measurements for the most challenging applications

Whether you work with renewable energy technologies, fossil fuel extraction or nuclear power to meet the rising global demand for efficient energy, Luna’s strain measurement and monitoring capabilities can help you better manage your operations and innovate more quickly.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Accurate and reliable monitoring to improve quality

The adoption of advanced manufacturing systems and Industry 4.0 technologies depend on more real-time fiber optic sensor and measurement data to drive efficiency and performance gains in industrial processes.

News & Events


Luna Polarization Control Technology Enables Growth of Hyperscale Data Centers

Luna announced a large contract in support of a major technology provider’s hyperscale data centers. The provider will employ Luna’s polarization control technology to help improve the accuracy of tests it performs on components it installs in its data centers.


Luna Reflectometers - An Indispensable Tool for PDV System Diagnostics

Luna’s optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) technology has facilitated PDV system development since the early days of PDV. The OBR 4600’s high spatial resolution reflectivity measurement and ability to characterize a complete optical path in one scan make it extremely useful as a diagnostic tool for PDV systems.


Commissioning Finalized on World’s Largest Fiber Optic-based Infrastructure Monitoring System

Luna collaborated with  automation contractor ABB, to provide leak detection, pipeline security and facility security across the 1,811 km route for the transcontinental gas supply from Azerbaijan to the EU, a project spanning six years for Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP).


Exploring LIDAR, Part I

In this first of a two-part blog series, we take a closer look at LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology and its broad-reaching applications that impact many of our daily activities.


Benefits of Fiber Optic Sensing Versus Electrical Gages

Why do customers choose FOS over electrical gages? In this post we unpack why fiber optic sensing has overtaken electrical sensors. While electrical sensors have been the industry standard for over 80 years, they have limitations that make them a sub-optimal choice for many applications in which fiber optic sensors excel.


Luna’s Lossless Optical Polarization and Phase Control Technologies: Empowering the Revolutionary Quantum Computing Market

Photonics quantum computing leverages the unique properties of photons and particles of light to encode and process information. To empower this new Quantum revolution, Luna offers a complete line of Photonics Modules for Quantum Applications.


Journal blog from Virginia Tech and Luna Featured on the Cover of Corrosion and Materials Degradation


Luna Innovations Names George Gomez-Quintero as Chief Financial Officer


Enhancing Safety with Battery Monitoring: The Power of Distributed Temperature Sensing - Part 2


Enhancing Safety with Battery Monitoring: The Power of Distributed Temperature Sensing - Part 1


Luna Provides Advanced Roadway Incident Detection for Major Department of Transportation

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