Spectroscopy measurement tool
T-Ray® 5000 Series

ASR5001 Spectroscopy Rail

The T-Ray® 5000 is ideally suited for spectroscopic investigations. With its exceptionally long high speed delay, the T-Ray® 5000 can provide spectral resolution down to 1.5 GHz at 100 Hz. The measurement system is robust enough to be deployed in an industrial environment, but flexible enough to be used for a wide variety of experimental tasks.

Product Description

The transmitter (HTS40nm) and receiver (HRS40n1) can be mounted on the ASR5001 Spectroscopy Rail to perform transmission spectroscopy measurements. A standard mount is provided to hold accessories or standard sample cards. The rail can accommodate lenses up to 150mm working distance. An iris is provided on the sample holder to block any portions of the beam that may not be going through the sample.

Tip-tilt stages provide easy optimization of the beam alignment to ensure maximum bandwidth. When used with an HTS40nm and an HRS40n1, the assembled collinear transceiver will provide over 3.5 THz of bandwidth and 70dB of S/N.

  • Key Features
    • Easy alignment without an optical table
    • Sample mounting fixture with integrated iris
    • No tool required to change lenses
    • Accommodate various focal length lenses
    • Use to measure transmission spectroscopy
    • Compatible with HTS40nm and HSR40n1
  • Applications
    • Time domain spectroscopy
    • Defect detection
    • Basis weight measurement
    • System optimization and verification
    • Reaction kinetics monitoring
    • Medical and biological research
  • Specs
    Rail Length  60 cm
    Size (W x H x D) 60 x 15.5 x 7.5 cm
    Weight 2.0 kg


  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The T-Ray® 5000 terahertz measurement system is robust enough to be deployed in an industrial environment and has all of the flexibility to solve your measurement application.

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