Luna Launches New Analyzer for PICs and Silicon Photonics

Luna Innovations has launched the Luna 6415, the first product in our next generation of high-performance, high-resolution analyzers for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and silicon photonics.

Today’s extreme expansion in data communications bandwidth and capacity depends on rapid advancements in fiber optic technology. The demand for higher efficiency, bandwidth and operational speed combined with lower energy consumption continues to drive the growth of the photonic integrated circuits (PICs) market. Reducing the cost and complexity of test while increasing throughput is essential as the PIC market growth accelerates.

This high-resolution component analyzer delivers the comprehensive and high-speed testing needed for testing modern passive optical components. It combines the benefits of a high-speed component loss analyzer with the high-resolution time domain analysis of Luna’s proven Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR) technology to provide a versatile tool for manufacturing test and quality control. 

The Luna 6415 delivers both spectral analysis and time domain analysis of distributed loss and tests devices working in both transmission and reflection mode. Additionally, the easy-to-use software simplifies and accelerates integration into automated production test systems. The Luna 6415 provides robust, easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate measurements for manufacturing test systems:

• Return loss (RL) and insertion loss (IL) analysis
• Trace distributed RL over length of optical path
• Spectral analysis of RL and IL
• Detect and precisely locate reflective events and measure path length
• Speed, resolution and accuracy for optimizing production test


The Luna 6415 brings an unprecedented combination of measurement speed, accuracy, functionality and ease of integration to the testing of integrated photonic components. Learn how the Luna 6415 provides more complete test coverage of components on the manufacturing floor.