Balanced Photodetector
Discontinued PBPD-001

Polarization Diverse Balanced Photodetector


The PBPD-001 Polarization Diverse Balanced Detector performs separate analysis of the two polarization components of an input signal.

Product Description

The PBPD-001 is designed for polarization sensitive measurements that require high signal to noise ratio. The device is fully enclosed in an aluminum box. It has two optical input ports, a power supply port, and a set of output ports (balanced RF output and two monitor outputs) for each polarization component.

  • Key Features
    • Analysis of both polarization components
    • Low noise
    • High CMRR
    • High conversion gain
    • Compact
  • Specifications
    Wavelength range 1310±50nm standard
    Polarization crosstalk <25 dB (splitting element)
    PDL (before polarization splitting) <0.25 dB
    Transimpedance gain 3 × 104 V/A
    Conversion gain > 30 V / mW (interference signal)
    RF bandwidth (3 dB) DC-210 MHz
    CW balanced saturation power 150 μW
    NEP (DC-100 MHz) <11 pW/√Hz
    CMRR >25 dB
    Monitor bandwidth 1 MHz
    Monitor conversion gain 2 V/mW

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The PBPD-001 is suitable for integration into polarization-sensitive OCT, fiber sensor, and optical measurement systems.

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