OEM Balanced Photodetector

OEM Balanced Photodetector

The BPD-003 is a small, low noise, DC coupled balanced detector for OEM applications.

Product Description

The BPD-003 combines an optical head and a post-amplification board with an SMB RF output connector. The optical head consists of two input fibers aligned with a pair of balanced photodetectors followed immediately by an integrated low noise transimpedance amplifier (TIA). The post-amplification circuit further conditions and amplifies the output signal to a range of ± 3.5 V. The device is packaged in a small, lightweight shielding box. It has a bandwidth of up to 230 MHz.

  • Key Features
    • Low noise
    • High CMRR
    • High conversion gain
    • Compact
  • Specifications
    Wavelength range1060, 1310, or 1550±50nm
    Transimpedance gain at 50Ω
    (TIA + post-amplifier)
    50 × 103 V/A
    Conversion gain at 50Ω>40 × 103 mV / mW at 1550nm
    >35 × 103 mV / mW at 1310nm
    >25 × 103 mV / mW at 1060nm
    RF bandwidth (3 dB)DC-230 MHz standard
    CW balanced saturation power36 μW at 1550nm
    42 μW at 1310nm
    58 μW at 1060nm
    NEP (DC-100 MHz)<6 pW/√Hz
    CMRR> 35 dB (DC to 40MHz)
    > 15 dB (40 to 200MHz)
    RF output voltage
    (linear range)
    ±1.75 V at 50Ω load
    ±3.5 V at high impedance load
    Dimensions1.95” (L) × 0.85” (W) × 0.65” (H)

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The BPD-003 is a small balanced detector specifically intended for integration into larger systems such as OCT, sensor, or measurement systems.


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