Luna’s Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™ (OBR) delivers unprecedented inspection and diagnostic capabilities for the fiber optics industry. Luna’s state-of-the-art OBR provides isolation of faults and problems well before final test, saving hours in rework and hard dollars in yield loss. Industry-leading 10 micron spatial resolution with zero dead-zone will pinpoint even the smallest contributors to loss: bends, crimps, bad splices, you name it — we find it. The distributed sensing option provides even a more complete picture of what’s happening in the system. Discover what you don’t know about your component and what Luna’s OBR can do for you.

Screen capture from operating software highlighting the OBR’s
ability to “see” every event in an optical assembly.

Reflectometers video:


 Measurement Highlights:

  • High resolution OFDR – Resolve individual features with spatial resolution down to 10 microns.
  • High sensitivity – 70 dB of dynamic range and -130 dB sensitivity.
  • Long range – Measure up to 2000 meters in length with a single connection, single scan.
  • Single Connection IL and RL – Measure insertion and return loss in a single scan.
  • Locate loss events – Monitor backscatter levels to isolate losses due to bends, crimps, bad splices, etc.
  • “Look inside” devices – High resolution and sensitivity enable inspection of individual components within a subsystem.
  • Polarization Tracking – Track changes in the state-of-polarization as light propagates through an optical network.
  • Intuitive graphical interface – All key data and graphs in a simple, easy to use interface.
  • Distributed sensing – Use standard optical fiber to monitor the changes in temperature and strain

Learn more about our Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry, Luna’s high resolution OFDR technology, by reading our publications.



  Model             Description Links
OBR 5T-50 The Luna Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™ (Model OBR 5T-50) delivers fast, accurate return loss, insertion loss, and length measurements with 20 micron spatial resolution. At 200x faster than competing technologies, this instrument is essential in the manufacturing industry. Data Sheet
OBR 4600 Designed for component and short-run network testing and troubleshooting, the OBR 4600 enables ultra-high resolution reflectometry with backscatter-level sensitivity. With spatial resolution as fine as 10 microns, zero dead-zone, options for integrated temperature and strain sensing and extended device length mode, the OBR 4600 offers the ultimate in fiber diagnostics. Data Sheet
OBR 4200 The OBR 4200 is a portable, ultra-high resolution reflectometer with backscatter-level sensitivity designed to test networks shorter than 500 meters in length. Data Sheet