Luna Joins OESH to Design and Produce Flexible 3D Printed Respirator Masks

Photo courtesy of OESH

Luna Innovations has joined forces with its Charlottesville neighbor, OESH, to design and produce flexible 3D printed respirator masks for use during the COVID-19 pandemic N95 respirator mask shortage.

OESH is using its 3D printers and expertise designing around body features along with flexible, plastic material to produce the masks, which have a tight seal around the edges. The face mask can be used when there are no certified N95 masks available. The mask has two vents with removable caps. Cut up surgical gowns, HEPA vacuum bags or cotton make-up pads can be used as filter material. Masks can also be washed in a dishwasher, washing machine or by hand and reused with different filter material.

Luna is welding the masks together, adding an aluminum strip on the nose and distributing them.


Learn more about Luna Labs, which works with contract manufacturers, suppliers, licensees and distributors to develop everything from small-scale prototypes up to and including market-ready products.

Read more about this in The Daily Progress and the OESH blog.

OESH  has made the design file available for others with 3-D printers to download. In addition, every pair of OESH shoes sold enables another respirator mask to be printed and donated to front-line health care providers.