Fiber Bragg Gratings
os1100 & os1200

Fiber Bragg Gratings

The os1100 Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and the os1200 Fiber Bragg Grating Array are designed for use in fiber optic sensing applications. The os1100 consists of a single FBG centered in a two-meter length of polyimide coated optical fiber while the os1200 includes 5 FBGs on a six-meter cable.

Product Description

FBGs are the fundamental elements upon which most fiber optic sensors are based. An FBG is an invisible reflector inside the core of the fiber that is set to a specific wavelength of light. When the fiber where an FBG is located is exposed to strain or temperature, the FBG’s “center wavelength” shifts to a higher or lower wavelength. The direction and magnitude of the shift is proportional to the change in strain or temperature. 

Each os1200 is built with five FBGs at standard center wavelengths, spaced at one-meter intervals. The os1100 is a single FBG on a 2 m fiber. One or two FC/APC connectors, and loose buffer tube protection, are available as packaging options.

os1100’s and os1200’s are used in applications ranging from basic experiments with FBGs to the construction of complex transducers containing one or more FBGs. The polyimide coating provides excellent transfer of strain through the fiber coating to the FBG in the fiber core. Polyimide also performs well over a wide temperature range. The splice free array provides a convenient way to take advantage of the multiplexing capabilities of FBGs.

Solutions and Applications

Aircraft structural test

The HYPERION with FBG sensors is an ideal sensing solution for monitoring applications in challenging conditions and environments. 

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