Lightwave Component Analyzer
Luna 6415

Lightwave Component Analyzer

The Luna 6415 is a fast and simple-to-use analyzer for passive optical components and modules. The Luna 6415 measures and analyzes the Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) distribution, as well as length, working in either reflection or transmission.

Product Description

The Luna 6415 utilizes optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) technology to measure backscattered or transmitted light as a function of distance. Extremely high sensitivity and sampling resolution (20 μm) make the Luna 6415 an ideal testing tool for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and silicon photonics. The Luna 6415 reduces the cost and complexity of test while increasing throughput by measuring RL, IL and length in reflection or transmission with a single instrument. 

Solutions and Applications

Silicon photonics testing

The Luna 6415 is optimized for fast and accurate test and characterization of optical devices and fiber optic systems.

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