PMD Emulator

First Order PMD Source/Emulator

The DGD-1000 is a first order polarization mode dispersion (PMD) source that generates precise amounts of differential group delay (DGD) of up to 400 ps, with no second order PMD.

Product Description

Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) can seriously degrade the quality of high-speed fiber-optic data transmission. High-speed transceivers must meet stringent standards for PMD tolerance. The DGD-1000 accurately and repeatably generates both high and low values of differential group delay (DGD) or first-order PMD. Both the DGD and PDL are very stable over time and wavelength within the performance band. The instrument is available in different versions to accommodate the need for different wavelengths and DGD ranges.

Solutions and Applications


The DGD-1000 is designed to generate accurate values of DGD over a large range for PMD tolerance testing of coherent detection systems.


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