New Ridge Technologies is now Luna Innovations

“This acquisition of New Ridge Technologies and its solutions are a perfect complement to our communications test and measurement portfolio ... This acquisition ensures that with the combined solution sets, we have the best, most comprehensive optical measurement systems and components our customers need.”

- Scott Graeff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Luna

“At New Ridge Technologies, our goal has always been to bring valuable, reliable, fiber optic sub-systems and test and measurement equipment to our client base, so they can provide the best services to their customers ... I believe the future is fiber, and the combination of NRT’s products within the Luna portfolio will help make that future an exciting reality.”

-  Dr. Henry Yaffe, Owner and Founder, New Ridge Technologies


New Ridge Technologies’ (NRT) solutions are based on ultra-high-speed optoelectronics and a modern software architecture that will bring additional robustness to Luna’s market-leading portfolio of photonic measurement and control products. NRT's products include polarization controllers, polarization and phase tracking, polarimetry and optical spectral analysis for lab use, field measurements and OEM solutions.  The combined portfolio will make Luna the undisputed leader in polarization solutions and allow customers to build more reliable, faster communications networks to support everything from 5G buildout to expanded bandwidth inside datacenters. 

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