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Webinar: 3 Easy Ways to Maximize Structural Health Monitoring

Attendees will learn methods to reduce costs and downtime in structural health monitoring applications on civil structures using the latest in fiber optic technologies.

WEBINAR: Ditch Your Dad's Gauges - Time to Revolutionize Your Measurements

WEBINAR: Optimizing Subsurface Monitoring with Fiber Optic Sensors

Lightwave Webcasts: Advances in Optical Testing

ON-DEMAND: How to Test and Characterize Conventional and Specialty Optical Fibers Webinar

Terahertz Gauges Provide High Precision Measurements for Industrial Applications

This webinar describes how Luna's terahertz-based systems deliver real-time process measurements of multi-layer thickness and density that help manufacturers save raw materials and improve quality control.


Accelerate Silicon Photonics Development with Advanced Testing and Automation

This webinar describes Luna's advanced approach to silicon photonics testing and Maple Leaf Photonics' modular and flexible platform for automated testing of dies, and how these two technologies integrate into an effective complete solution for silicon photonics. 


Monitoring Cell Temperature to Optimize Battery Performance and Design

Join us for this webinar to learn how dielectrically insulated fiber optic sensors can be integrated into battery packs and assemblies to monitor for rapid increases in temperature at the level of individual cells as well as to monitor for increases in strain consistent with pack swelling.


Optical Vibration Measurements Enable New Solutions for Key Monitoring Applications

This webinar will take a close look at this new fiber optic accelerometer technology and include live demonstrations and examples of the sensor working the Luna HYPERION interrogator and ENLIGHT software.


Upgrade Your Fiber Optic Diagnostics with Portable Ultra-High Resolution Optical Backscatter Reflectometry

This webinar will explain how portable OBR technology can locate and analyze issues and defects in fiber optic assemblies with submillimeter technology, and make very precise measurements of fiber optic latency and length


Polarization in Fiber Optic Systems: How to Measure and Manage for Optimal Performance

This webinar explains the fundamentals of polarization properties and parameters and describes the different techniques used to measure and control polarization-related impairments.


In-Situ Temperature Monitoring for Better Thermoplastic Welding

Reliable bonding and joining of thermoplastic materials is a challenging and critical requirement. New in-situ monitoring technologies, based on high-definition distributed fiber optic sensors, are being used to provide real-time data for improved closed-loop control for induction welders.


See What You’ve Been Missing with HD Fiber Optic Sensing

High-definition fiber optic sensing (HD-FOS) delivers new cutting-edge measurement capabilities and data not available with other technologies. This webinar will provide an overview of how HD-FOS works, where it can be applied, and how Luna’s ODiSI system can provide unprecedented data and insight.


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