Luna Innovations and Enablence partner to demonstrate a complete characterization of a 10 m-long delay line fabricated on a silica-on-silicon platform at OFC 2023.

Luna and Enablence images

Luna Innovations, an industry leader in testing for integrated photonics, will utilize Enablence’s leading optical chips to demonstrate Luna’s characterization capabilities at OFC 2023 in San Diego, California, March 7-9.

Measuring attenuation loss, group delay, and identifying the location of defects within the photonics integrated circuits can be tedious and time-consuming. Luna’s Optical Backscattering Reflectometer (OBR 4600) allows for a complete characterization of distributed loss (IL/RL), spectral analysis, group delay, and more in a matter of seconds. With an 80 dB dynamic range, and 10 um sampling resolution in fiber (which could be lower for materials with higher group index) at 30m measurement range, testing waveguides is easier than ever.

Enablence designs, fabricates, and packages ultra-long delay lines ranging from 1 centimeter to 20 meters in a small footprint with low loss. These delay lines can be used for many applications, including distance calibration, laser locking, short-pulse lasers, decoherence, LiDAR.

Join us in booth #4339 at OFC 2023 to see the live demo. Contact Luna if you are interested in bringing samples for testing.

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