Introducing the Dual Channel Terahertz Control Unit

Luna is launching the next phase in its terahertz measurement systems with the introduction of their Dual Channel Terahertz Control Unit (TCU54nm). The new product allows multiple sensor heads to be attached to a single control unit.  The TCU54nm will reduce the per sensor cost of deployment, opening new applications that were previously cost prohibitive.

Terahertz sensors are being adopted in those applications where high precision, high speed measurement, or tolerance of harsh environments is required.  In contrast to other sensors used in industry today, terahertz sensors are a green technology, with no nuclear radiation sources (Beta and Gamma gauges) or ionizing radiation (X-ray gauges).  Terahertz sensors provide a safe environment for the plant operators and a high-quality product for the manufacturer.

The new Dual Channel TCU includes several enhanced features to make it even easier to use.  The Umbilical, that connects the TCU to the Sensor has been redesigned to be lighter weight, and more flexible.  The new lightweight design enhances reliability while increasing stability of the terahertz (THz) signal.



The two sensors can be positioned before and after a coater to measure the basis weight of each layer.  The precise correlation between position and measurement allows accurate same spot measurements to be made.


For large diameter pipes, measurement on opposite sides of the product allow real time measurement of the OD, ID, pipe wall thickness and concentricity. If the sensors are placed on a rotating translation stage, all angles of the pipe can be measured.



The terahertz beam is small enough that it can measure both sides of a small tube at the same time with a single sensor.  With a dual channel system, two orthogonal sensors can measure the four cardinal points on the tube to allow dimensional control of production.



A calender stack can be controlled with a two-point control for roll runout and the center control can be provided by a cascade loop from the scanning sensor shown below.  The high precision of the T-Ray 5000 provides excellent non-contact control of the stack.



On steel cord tire ply calenders, balance above and below the cords is critical to performance.  Dual sensors can be deployed to provide on both sides of the ply to provide a measurement of balance and total thickness.





For more information on how the Dual Channel TCU can improve your manufacturing process contact [email protected].