Seed-Counter1Luna Optoelectronics’ photodiode and illumination technology has been successfully integrated into many applications that require precision, high-speed counting.  By creating an optical-interruption circuit, where the objects being counted disrupt the path of the light source to the photodiode, a system is created that can count accurately at extremely high rates of speed.

This approach is excellent for applications such as agricultural seed counting, production flow monitoring, currency dispensing, vending, and many others.

Below is an example of how we helped a major customer in the agricultural equipment industry greatly enhance the efficiency of its equipment:

The world’s leading farm instrument and sensor manufacturer selected us to supply a large photocell for a new optical seed counter design. Several years later, the customer asked its partner, Luna Optoelectronics, to build the subassembly that included the photocell. We have successfully been producing these subassemblies now for years. When the customer decided to redesign the seed counter for better manufacturability and lower cost, the logical thing to do was again turn to proven partner. The customer and Luna Optoelectronics set out in a joint product development to develop the subassembly for their next generation seed counter. The customer leveraged our 25 years of experience in electro-optical design and manufacturing, as well as a well cultivated partnership. Our advanced 3D light ray tracing and zoom illuminance mapping new product development tools and high volume, low cost manufacturing was critical. The joint design that involved photocells, precision molded plastic parts and critical alignment is scheduled to go into full production in 2014.