GraphTerahertz spectroscopy can differentiate polymorphs, display vibrational and phonon spectra in solids, and rotational and vibrational spectra in liquids and gasses.

Time domain terahertz instruments emit a broad bandwidth in each pulse to allow the full spectrum to be collected in real time.  Averaging can increase the bandwidth by suppressing the noise floor and increasing the signal to noise of the measurement.

By comparing the emitted pulse to one that has passed through the sample, high-resolution spectra can be observed.

The exceptional length of the high-speed time delay in the T-Ray 5000 allows spectral resolution down to 3 GHz in real time.  This allows even atmospheric pressure vapor phase spectroscopy as seen in the water and methanol spectra shown here.

Typical Product Configuration:

  • T-Ray 5000 Control Unit
  • Terahertz Transmitter
  • Terahertz Receiver
  • Umbilicals
  • Rail and Mounts for Transmission
  • T-Gauge Software