Speakers-and-Amps-325x216Luna Optoelectronics employs its unique capabilities in the design and manufacture of CdS optocouplers to provide the music and sound reinforcement industry with optical signal couplers that retain outstanding signal clarity while preserving the “warmth” of the original source.  Other solid-state and optical signal couplers tend to add distortion to the signal, or render a harsh, “sterile” sound to the audible output.  Our  optocouplers induce minimal signal distortion while retaining the nuances and warmth of the source signal.

This is why some of the top names in sound systems, guitar amplification, and musical instrument signal effects processing look to us when they want to please the ears of their customers.

Some of the most respected names in Pro-Sound systems, guitar amplifiers, effects manufacturers, and signal processing can all hear the difference using our technology.  We’re sure that you’ll hear it too.