Numeric gaugeTime Domain Terahertz pulses can be used to create high-resolution images of the external and internal structure of an object.

With the high-speed waveform acquisition of the T-Ray 5000, cross-section images can be acquired in real time; x-y images can be acquired at a pixel rate of 80 or 800 pixels per second.

The x-y imaging platform available as part of the T-Ray 5000 product family can perform reflection and transmission imaging.  The portable x-y stage, combined with the robustness of the T-Ray 5000 control unit, allows imaging outside the laboratory.

High Speed Imaging

The imaging rate of a TD-THz system is limited ultimately by the pixel acquisition rate, which is determined by the waveform acquisition rate of the system.  The T-Ray 5000 product line has the highest waveform acquisition rates available in a commercial TD-THz system.   A 100 x 100 pixel image can be acquired by our fastest system in as little as 16 seconds.  Although this can be displayed as a 2D image, the data set collected consists of an 800-point waveform at each location for a total of 0.8 megavoxels, which can be reconstructed into a full 3D image of the object being examined.

To attain these high acquisition rates, a special high speed scanner is used to move the THz measurement point across the object being imaged.  This high speed F-Theta scanner can produce nearly real time cross sectional images of a target.

High Resolution Imaging

By focusing the broadband terahertz beam with a short focal length lens, spatial resolution to below 200 microns can be achieved.

Below, a resolution target prepared by the National Physical Laboratory UK, has been imaged using an API pulsed THz system demonstrating resolution down to 150 microns.  A 1.5-inch diameter, 1.0-inch focal length lens was used, and energy in the pulse from 1.3 to 2.0 THz was integrated to form the image.

Imaging – CT

Computed tomography allows the cross-section of an object to be imaged by combining rotation and translation.  Each slice provides an inside look at the internal structure of an object.  The computations required to reconstruct the image are fully integrated into the T-Gauge software package.

With the high speed time delay option of the T-Ray 5000, full three dimensional images can be acquired at world record speeds.  By combining the individual image slices using any third party 3-D software, internal structure can be examined and studied.

Typical Product Configuration:

  • T-Ray 5000 Control Unit
  • Terahertz Transmitter
  • Terahertz Receiver
  • Umbilicals
  • Collinear Adapter
  • X-Y Imaging Platform
  • T-Gauge Software
  • Optional: Rotation Stage
  • Optional: High-speed Scanner