Polarization in Fiber Optic Systems: How to Measure and Manage for Optimal Performance


Polarization is an important property of light that affects the performance of fiber optic systems. Understanding, managing and testing optical polarization is crucial because various optical devices and systems can be sensitive to the state of polarization of the optical signal to be processed or transmitted.

In this webinar, Wajih Daab, Product Line Manager at General Photonics, now part of Luna Innovations and a leader in polarization management solutions, explains the fundamentals of polarization properties and parameters and describes the different techniques used to measure and control polarization-related impairments.

Key Takeaways

  • Concepts of State of Polarization (SOP), PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion) and PDL (Polarization Dependent Loss)
  • Different methods for measuring SOP, PDL and PMD
  • Polarization-related impairments and mitigation techniques
  • How to use polarization scrambling to mitigate PDL
  • Live demonstration of polarization management, including polarization control, scrambling, stabilization, generation and monitoring