ON-DEMAND: How to Test and Characterize Conventional and Specialty Optical Fibers Webinar


Optical fibers form the basis of optical communication networks. Over the past few decades, they have evolved to enable the transmission of data at extremely high speeds over extremely long distances. More recently, optical fibers have made their way into a wide variety of industries and applications, acting as a transmission, illumination, or sensing medium in fields as diverse as medical imaging, seismic and SONAR sensors, and astronomy.

The requirements of this multiplicity of new applications have resulted in the proliferation of specialty fibers with material compositions and physical structures tailored to create specialized properties, and a concomitant need to be able to characterize these fibers.

The ubiquity of standard and specialty optical fibers raises the need for high speed, high accuracy, advanced fiber test and measurement solutions. Luna Innovations, Inc. has developed testing solutions that fully characterize optical fiber in a few seconds to facilitate all aspects of fiber development and deployment, from helping scientists understand the properties of new fibers, to helping fiber manufacturers optimize their manufacturing processes, to helping users quickly qualify deployed fiber links.

Key Takeaways:

  • General overview of conventional and specialty optical fibers and their applications
  • Key optical performance parameters for different types of fibers
    • SM/MM Fiber
    • PM Fiber
    • FBG Fiber
  • Testing solutions available at Luna:
    • T&M for field and manufacturing environment: IL/RL/PER measurements
    • T&M for R&D and Lab environment: CD, PMD, Rayleigh scattering, group delay, polarization x-talk


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