Battery Technology Day

Luna's Battery Technology Days was held on January 26 & 27, 2021 and featured leading EV battery designers, testers and manufacturers. Learn directly from these experts and explore new sensing technology developments for use in next generation electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

These presentations below showcase innovations in sensing and test & measurement technologies for electric vehicle batteries as well as review the everchanging battery market. 

  • Beyond Li-Ion High Energy and Power Cells – Market Review 2020 (Shmuel DeLeon)

    Two segments, automotive and energy storage systems (ESS), continue to drive high growth and demand in the battery industry. In addition to the challenge of growing and developing the production capacity to meet this high market demand, there are massive efforts and resources directed at developing the next-generation batteries. This presentation reviews the most promising developments in the mid-term and long-term outlook for new battery technology.

    Presented by: Shmuel DeLeon, CEO of Shmuel DeLeon Energy

  • Luna Technology and Applications Review: Fiber Optic Sensing (Matthew Davis)

    This session provides a high-level overview of Luna’s fiber-optics sensing technologies, provide insight into some of the technology applications and use cases, as well as Luna success stories in the electric-vehicle battery industry and similar markets.

    Presented by: Matthew Davis, Director, Research & Development, Luna Innovations

  • Verifying GM’s Chevy Volt Battery Cover and Liftgate Hinge Crossbar Structural Integrity (Edgar Calderon)

    Verifying GM’s Chevy Volt Battery Cover and Liftgate Hinge Crossbar Structural Integrity

    Presented by: Edgar Calderon, General Motors

  • Introduction to Li-Ion and Solid State Fabrication and Testing at the University of Michigan Battery Lab (Greg Less)

    The University of Michigan Battery Lab is an independent user facility dedicated to the rapid prototyping and testing of lithium ion and solid state batteries across multiple device scales. In addition to device fabrication, the lab also offers material testing and device testing, as well as abuse testing and end-of-life tear down analysis. In this presentation, we will discuss how devices could be designed to take full advantage of the LUNA  test and measurement system.

    Presented by: Greg Less, Technical Director, University of Michigan Battery Lab

  • Thermal and Strain Measurements of Lithium-ion Cells, Modules, and Batteries using HD-FOS Sensors (Dr. David Wetz)

    Lithium ion energy storage has widely expanded the mobility of electronic systems. Given their operational safety concerns, it is necessary that proper monitoring at the lowest level possible exists to prevent catastrophic failure. The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Pulsed Power and Energy Laboratory (PPEL) has been studying energy storage at high voltages and high operational power since 2010. This presentation will provide a brief overview of research on the use of Luna’s fiber optic sensing technology to measure either strain or temperature and the findings to date.

    Presented by: Dr. David Wetz, University of Texas at Arlington

  • In-Situ Monitoring of Transient Strain Formation in Welds (Marcias Martinez)

    This session will share a few examples of how recent developments in distributed fiber optic temperature- and strain-sensing optical fiber can be correlated with modeled predictions for computational weld mechanics.

    Presented by: Marcias Martinez, Clarkson University

  • Luna Technology and Applications Review: Terahertz Thickness Measurements (Irl Duling)

    This session will provide a high-level overview of Luna’s terahertz thickness measurement technologies, provide insight into some of the technology applications and use cases for process control for battery manufacturing.

    Presented by: Irl Duling, Director of Business Development for TeraMetrix , Luna Innovations

  • Energy Boost: How Pioneering Research is Changing the Batteries for Hybrid Vehicles (Alistair Davidson)

    The demand for automotive batteries is set to grow substantially in the coming years driven by goals and targets set around the world for electrification and decarbonization. This presentation will discuss the market importance of low voltage battery technologies and how research and innovation are dramatically improving the performance for hybrid and electric and applications.

    Presented by: Alistair Davidson, Consortium for Battery Innovation

  • Magnesium Batteries as an Alternative to Lithium-Ion (Michael North)

    Explore the use of magnesium batteries as an alternative to current lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles as lithium-ion supplies approach supply constraints.

    Presented by: Michael North, Galaxy Magnesium

  • Luna Battery Technology Days Customer Panel

    This panel features Luna customers and industry experts discussing the known challenges with current battery design, testing, and manufacturing, and how they can be overcome.

    Panelist: David Wetz, Edgar Calderon, Marcias Martinez

    Moderator: David Potter

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