Innovative, materials-based solutions that protect assets, people, and the environment. This team of chemists, materials scientists, and engineers has a long history of rapidly developing new coatings, nanoparticles, resins, textiles, membranes, and composites.


  • Protective Materials

    Durable, eco-friendly materials focused on protecting people and assets from harsh service environments. We offer critical protection of high-value assets through new coatings and surface treatments that enhance fluid repellency, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, and self-healing capability. To help protect the Warfighter and others on the front lines of defense, our group develops advanced textiles that are antimicrobial, self-cleaning, decontaminating, or resistant to insect bites.

  • Gas Separation

    New methods for gas separation, chemical conversion, and plasma capabilities for a cleaner, more energy efficient future. Advanced salt (NaCl) processing enables profitable extraction of HCl. Our novel membrane technologies enable unrivaled performance for the separation of gases from mixed streams, including high selectivity for CO2, O2,  NH3, and NO2. These gases are consumed or produced during many of the world’s largest chemical manufacturing and energy conversion processes, making separation of the gases a critical advancement towards improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Polymer Composites

    Improvements to processes for production and repair of fiber reinforced composites, and enhanced properties for traditional composites through newly formulated functional resins and additives. Our engineering team developed a facile process for large scale patch repair of aerospace composites that dramatically reduces the tooling and man-hours required for completion while maintaining resin density. Luna’s materials chemists are making strides in the evolution of fiber reinforcement, functional resins, and additives to improve interlaminar shear strength, fracture toughness, increased strain-to-failure, and environmental resistance.

  • Polymer Resins

    Coatings, adhesives, sealants and additives that bring enhanced performance to material systems. Newly developed resins and additives are often the key technology behind a more complete solution, such as transparent armor with enhanced durability and concrete repair systems that allow for rapid repair of aircraft runways. Contact Luna Labs to discuss how Luna’s expertise in polymer formulation can help to elevate your system performance.

  • Signature Control

    New materials that can absorb, reflect, transmit, and control electromagnetic properties. Electromagnetic properties and material performance are tailored to balance practical requirements such as handling and production costs, form factor control, and environmental durability. A key focus for this group is the development of electromagnetic products for demanding aerospace specifications, including conductive structural adhesives, rapid-cure and highly conductive sealants, charge dissipating conformal coatings, EMI shielding composites, and high permeability elastomer sheets for antenna applications.